Macaron By Patisse

Macaron by Patisse started with a sister's skill, and a brother's vision. They combined her tasty magical abilities and his eye for business, and created what has become one of the top go-to macaron shops in Houston, Texas. Walking in, you feel as if you just stumbled onto a set decorated for an editorial photo-shoot! Their … Continue reading Macaron By Patisse



DINNER TIME at Nuetnigenough (5 stars! Our waiter was friendly, and helpful. The food was delicious, and the environment was oh-so-relaxing. I definitely recommend this place if you're in Brussels!) Appetizers: Assorted Cheese, Pate & Bread, Salad AMAZING cheeses… especially the one with nuts in them. The bread was so fresh. The Pate was rich. This appetizer … Continue reading Nuetnigenough