Baran Ottoman Restaurant

Day 2 in Istanbul led us to Baran Restaurant Ottoman Kitchen. This restaurant is. The. Greatest. First off, it’ll shelter you from the cold. Secondly, your mouth will start watering as soon was you walk in. Lastly, you’ll leave full and ready for your next adventure (or a nap). We had an amazing three-course lunch.

  • Appetizers: Lentil soup and Salad
  • Main dish: Pick one entree and one side (I don’t really remember what I had, but it was a buttery rice ,and a beef dish with potato and cheese?)
  • Dessert: BAKLAVA! This is a must eat in Istanbul. America’s baklava is way too sweet compared to Instanbul’s (unless you have it made in an authentic Turkish household).


IMG_0815 IMG_0817 


Surprise! We had to come back the next day for another filling, authentic, and mouth-watering lunch! I ordered another beef dish. This dish was beef, an assortment of vegetables, and potatoes inside a cheesy casing. Of course, I had to order the buttered rice again.


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