Macaron By Patisse

Macaron by Patisse started with a sister’s skill, and a brother’s vision. They combined her tasty magical abilities and his eye for business, and created what has become one of the top go-to macaron shops in Houston, Texas. Walking in, you feel as if you just stumbled onto a set decorated for an editorial photo-shoot! Their color theme of white and grey give the shop a very clean and modern look. The colorful macarons are the eye-catching decors of the shop. They are so appealing that you want to buy them all. ALL.IMG_1646

I’ll be honest, my main reason to visit the shop was to see a friend of mine who happens to be one of the bakers there. Macaron by Patisse is completely out of the way for me…no matter where I’m headed in Houston,  but boy, am I glad I went!  I did not leave disappointed. I spoke to the brother mentioned above, Mohamed, and never felt like I was unwelcome, or that he had something better to do rather than talk to me about their business. He told me about his super talented sister and I can’t wait to go back and meet her. Of course, I can’t wait to go back and buy more boxes of macarons because they really are amazing.IMG_1644

These are the closest I’ve found to the macarons in Paris.. oh my gosh. They’ve made me a customer for life! Macaron by Patisse’s macarons are by far the best in Houston. The texture of the macarons are light, but doughy ( I love doughy). My taste buds sung with each bite I took. They aren’t too sweet, but they aren’t bland either. The taste is true to the flavor itself. Mohamed, and my friend both recommended the Birthday Cake macaron. It literally tasted like birthday cake…but better. I prefer a box of these macarons to an actual birthday cake any day. I don’t even like cake….they were THAT good… Ugh. I’m having macaron withdrawals at this moment.IMG_1648




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    1. Of course! I’m enjoying your Instagram posts at the moment, as well. I can’t wait to get to a computer to explore your blog!


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