Macaron By Patisse

Macaron by Patisse started with a sister's skill, and a brother's vision. They combined her tasty magical abilities and his eye for business, and created what has become one of the top go-to macaron shops in Houston, Texas. Walking in, you feel as if you just stumbled onto a set decorated for an editorial photo-shoot! Their … Continue reading Macaron By Patisse



Ladurée on Champs Elysees- The MOST DECADENT corner bakery EVER. There are two sides to this eye-catching vicinity: a bakery on the left, and a cafe on the right. When you walk in, you'll clearly see the division of the store…If I remember correctly, there might have been a restaurant setting towards the back of this … Continue reading Ladurée


It's the City of Love because everyone who visits this wonderful city falls in love with its busy streets, sweets, and views that leave you speechless. I want to share my exploration of my self-proclaimed future home! Hope you'll love it, too... 1. These Paris streets! I love the way they utilize every space they have. … Continue reading Paris