March Edit

Welcome to my birthday month! March started with a bang. I love celebrating my friends and family, but never really know what to do for my own birthday besides popcorn and movie on the couch with my man, hah! This year was no different, but he was able to surprise me this time. (His surprises never worked out before.) I had a sweet day at the park in my new favorite H&M dress (photo below), then dinner with some beloved people. We ended the night with our own concert performances at karaoke to the point of losing our voices. My absolute favorite part of the night is the way my friends all came together. I don’t get to see most of them often, so it’s always so heartwarming when we can come together to laugh and yell like we were never apart. It’s those times when I feel so dang blessed. Besides that night, see some of the other moments that made March so great.

  • I got the opportunity to attend an exceptional exhibit with one of my dearests, which I was super excited about!

two women take a photo in front of mirror

  • I am officially going on a tropical trip. So siked! See the items I’ll be bringing here.
  • Had fried alligator and all the unhealthy food under the sun that makes Houston so great at the Livestock Show and Rodeo with my boos.

3 girlfriends at the Houston rodeo

  • Balanced out the grease we inhaled at the rodeo with healthy food from a cafe in Houston called, Vibrant. This photo shows the Coconut Chia Pudding, Grapefruit Spritzer, and  Cappuccino.

Vibrant coconut pudding and grapefruit spritzerwoman sitting in cafe

  • In terms of fashion, I found knock-off designer Greece sandals here for under $25 compared to the regular $80.
  • Finally tried Corkscrew BBQ in Old Town Spring, and ohhhhh my gosh. Get the brisket, ribs, beans, and mac & cheese. Get it ALL. They’re open from 11 am until they sell out from Tuesday to Saturday. Follow them on Instagram to know when exactly they’re sold out!

Meal tray from Corkscrew BBQ with brisket, ribs, bread, and sides

  • Had a sweet birthday surprise in this perfect-for-Spring dress from H&M. It has a thicker sweater material that’ll protect you from a light breeze.

woman under rose arch wearing a sage dress while swinging a brown bag

  • The best part of it all is that I was told I look more and more like a mom every day…not sure how I feel about that. Happy birthday to me!

woman in white striped button up dress holding a black bag

Cheers to March! All of my newest adventures include trying out a new mascara that’s supposed to keep your lashes feeling soft and natural while holding a curl. Check back here next week for its review! Thank you for making it this far, haha! Have a great week.

With love,




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