One Dress Four Ways

I’m a huge believer in versatility. The more function something has, the more reason for me to buy it, hah! I found this thin maxi dress I bought from H&M a while ago that I couldn’t be more excited about. As I’m planning beach trips for the upcoming months, I knew that I wanted to bring a piece I could wear numerous times. So naturally, I was ecstatic to find that I could turn this dress into a skirt with just a few twists and turns. Here’s how I styled 1 dress in 4 ways to be exact –

This dress has a zipper on the side that runs from my waist to my chest. To turn it into a skirt, I zipped it up just a bit to my hip, and folded the top of the dress down to tuck it into the rest of the dress. I styled these outfits with the purpose of being able to walk around town and strip down to swim at a moment’s notice! The thin fabric will dry up easily, which will be a dream for all my fellow lazy girls out there who don’t like changing after a swim, haha!

I’ll link similar pieces below if anything has been discontinued. Since the dress is older (& discontinued), I’m linking a couple of other dresses I know will work for this trick from H&M below!

Midi wrap v-neck dress (Black or Black & White Stripes) – LOVE the v-neck on this dress.

Strapless maxi dress with slits (Black or Khaki Green) – Can you imagine the ease of slipping this dress on and off at the beach or poolside? Cause I can.

Outfit 1 – This is the perfect fit for walking around a tropical town or having a nice dinner overlooking the water. It’s simple enough to dress up or down, and won’t make you look like you’re sweating your whole body weight off (because that’s what sun does to you if we’re being honest with each other).

Red wrap dress with clear hand bag and sunglasses

cat-eye glasses from Target  // similar necklace from francesca’s // ceremony circle ring from Madewell // similar clutch but circular from (also final sale!)

Outfit 2 – Great for the days when you aren’t sure if you’ll swim or not! I can see myself browsing a store for one minute and jumping in the ocean the next.

White swimsuit tube top with a red skirt and a white purse with other accessories around the outfit

cat-eye glasses from Target  // white bandeau swim top from aerie // similar small white crossbody from Forever 21 // similar diamond drop earrings from francesca’s // eye shadow duos in Deep Taupe and Clay & Burgundy Rose blush in from Ecco Bella

Outfit 3 – Similar to Outfit 2 but without the purposeful browsing (so contradicting), hah! I’d wear this straight to the poolside and use the red dress as a cover up. I can walk around in this if I really want to, but nahhh. This top screams poolside!

Striped swimsuit top with red skirt and black bag

striped bikini top from H&M // similar zipper pouch from Thacker NYC // similar rose gold sunnies from American Eagle

Outfit 4 – Like Outfit 2, again, I’d wear this out. This would be my go-to for an evening swim when I know I’ve scheduled a dinner afterward. How easy is it to get out of the water, and throw a bottom on so that you aren’t late?! Um, super easy.

Black swim top with red skirt and circle straw bag

black bandeau swim top from aerie // cat-eye glasses from Target   // similar round bag from Mango // similar (but cuter) earrings from Mango // ceremony circle ring from Madewell

Let me know if this post gave you any other ideas for summer outfits! What’s your favorite trick to style pieces to wear more than once? I’d love to know.

With love,


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