New Dorrius Restaurant & Bar

In the Dam, we definitely needed to refuel for our quest towards the Red Light District. Don’t worry. We weren’t drowning in a dam, we were exploring the streets of Amsterdam! Curious about our day? Click here!

1.  On the house chilled cucumber soup with salmon

I LOVE Salmon. I love it raw, baked, buttery, and garlic-y. I hated this. I love that it’s something I have never had before, but I hate the taste. When I think of soup, I think of a bowl of hot, creamy, and savory liquid ( I apologize that this sounds dirty, but I have no other way of describing a soup). This mini shot glass was anything but. It was cold (ok, the server did say that it was chilled), bland (alright… a cucumber is majority water anyway), and super raw. The salmon was even more raw than sashimi. I really tried to down it, and like it. As you can see, I couldn’t…and I tried my hardest.

2. 22.50€ for 1 Zalm Label Rouse (House Smoked Salmon with… Spinach and some risotto/rice looking things

This dish was alright. It wasn’t too strange, and the risotto was pretty buttery (which I love). The salmon tasted fresh, and its skin was a little crispy. The sauce tasted like what they might have cooked the risotto in, so … butter = happy Susan! I was very grateful for the spinach, since I was feeling so unhealthy during the trip.. I was still in shock that water was not free..


3.  2.50€ for 1/3 Liter of Still water.

See above… “water was not free”. Beggars can’t be choosers, right? I needed that water. At that moment. I threw my money at water on this trip!

Featured image found on Google!

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