5 Tips for a Relaxing Weekend!

There are some days when you just need a break from life and routines. Though I love a routine that allows me to be productive, it is also the cause for my exhaustion and boredom with life. For a couple of weeks now, I've been taking time to recuperate and get back to my normal self because, … Continue reading 5 Tips for a Relaxing Weekend!



It's the City of Love because everyone who visits this wonderful city falls in love with its busy streets, sweets, and views that leave you speechless. I want to share my exploration of my self-proclaimed future home! Hope you'll love it, too... 1. These Paris streets! I love the way they utilize every space they have. … Continue reading Paris


Sprouts? Nope! Brussels, Belgium; Home of the world's greatest chocolates! This super cute city has some amazing architecture with cottage looking homes to grand and intricate buildings. Here's what I did! 1. Markhal: This is one of Brussel's indoor markets. It's detailed ceiling is so beautiful, isn't it?! I think that it's also an indoor … Continue reading Brussels