When in Boston

When In Boston

When In BostonFirst things first: Find yourself some amazing friends to travel with & you’ll never go without laughter, even at the most inappropriate times.

We flew in late Thursday night (basically Friday morning), and Uber-ed to the Airbnb. 1:30a.m. is not an ideal time to get stuck outside the Airbnb though, you know? In the dark and cold unknown streets of the east coast, what is a southern girl to do?! Everything is so unfamiliar. The houses are smaller, the streets are narrower, and most importantly… IT’S COLDER. After some difficulties, we managed to get into the Airbnb… finally.

Before I get into my tips for traveling in Boston, I ned to tell y’all this.. I WOKE UP TO SNOW. Living in Houston, we NEVER wake up to snow. So, it was beautiful and it basically made my entire trip. LOVED it. Ok, let’s get into my 5 tips for traveling to Boston in March.

TAKE THE TRAIN. Public Transportation is your friend, but so is Uber when it’s 12:30 am. You can get a bus pass at the kiosks in any of the stations. We bought a 7-day pass for $24, then gave it away when we left since there was still 3 days left on it. The routes aren’t at all difficult to navigate since they are color-coordinated (a Type A’s dream come true).

BRING RAINBOOTS. Or any boots that are waterproof. There was a snowstorm our first two days there (not that it kept us from exploring), and my rainboots were a life saver. Not only could I still look cute, but my better shoes weren’t ruined in the snow/rain/hail.

WALK. If you can, try to walk as much as your feet will let you after riding the train. It was my workout for the week. Treading snow and rain isn’t as easy as you think! There are also really cool places that you might miss if you Uber everywhere.

HAVE CLAM CHOWDER & SEAFOOD. It is the freshest deliciousness I’ve ever had. The oysters weren’t fishy like some places, and neither were the lobsters. LOBSTER ROLLS are a must. The clam chowder tastes completely homemade though it isn’t, but it is just the right amount of creaminess and richness. Ugh, craving one now.

GO TO THE BARS (for all my 21+ folks). The people, local and visiting, are just fascinating. They are all so social, willing to help, and make you feel right at home (or a regular, at least). It’s just such a different but welcoming experience. Everyone HAS to visit a bar in Boston at least once in their lives.

Though we had a storm, there was still a bit of sunlight towards the end of our trip. The days were simply beautiful. Let me know if you’ve been to Boston! What was your favorite part of the trip?


2 thoughts on “When in Boston

    1. Thank you! Boston is amazing! Breaks my heart to hear all about the floods from the snow bomb. Parts of Houston are still recovering from Harvey, so I understand what a pain it is to rebuild.
      I do plan to go back soon though! Life just isn’t the same after those lobster rolls, haha!!

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