Top Picks for Clay Earrings

Strut with Susan Clay Earrings

I am a total earring lady. I’ve always had a love for supporting small businesses and jewelry, so when quarantine started, I discovered the world of clay earrings and their creators! I love that each of the companies I purchased from have been completely transparent about the joys and struggles of running their own business. A HUGE plus is that all three companies are women-owned, and offer beautiful lightweight earrings… by the way, we LOVE that.

Marah Cotta Clay |starts at $26| boho-modern, colorful, statement pieces |
Marah restocks certain pieces every Friday, which she announces throughout the week via Instagram. Her pieces are perfect for my ladies who love a down-to-earth look, yet want to make a statement using shapes and colors. Marah is a fellow believer in Christ as well as a new mother, so she is on a temporary maternity leave, but you can stay updated by following her on Instagram or her website!

Marah-Cotta Clay Earrings
Wearing: Tulips
Marah-Cotta Clay Earrings
Wearing: One of a Kind – Stay at Home studs

Made by VWu | $6 – $24| fun, glamorous girl-next-door, colorful, statements |
Victoria restocks her earrings every other week, which she also announces on her website and Instagram page! In addition to creating the cutest earrings, she makes fun stickers, too. The style of her earrings can be described as girly and whimsical. Victoria also donates her proceeds to a chosen charity for a period of time, and has donated to the nonprofit organization, Covenant House, to help them provide support to homeless and trafficked youth. Right now, she is donating to Equal Justice Institute to contribute to their campaigns addressing racial injustice. Talk about a girlboss with a huge heart!

MadebyVWu Clay Earrings
Wearing: Beach Pebble Earrings
MadebyVWu Clay Earrings
Wearing: Skinny Hoop in Speckled
MadebyVWu Clay Earrings
Wearing: Melrose Earrings
MadebyVWu Clay Earrings
Wearing: Sunday Brunch Earrings

Eunify.Co | $15 – $40 | sophisticated, pastel, unique , intricate |
The woman behind Eunify.Co on Etsy is another sweet Houstonian. This triple-threat dreamed of owning her own business for as long as she could remember and found the time to start it during quarantine. She launches new collections more than she restocks older designs. Each launch is announced and teased via Instagram There are no other words to describe her work other than unique, and I honestly don’t know how she remains so creative with every single collection she launches. Her designs are so delicate, and perfect for those who love a subtle girly touch. In addition to her clay earring business, she runs her own takeaway cafe and strives to become a full-time educator!

Wearing: Marbled Studs – Square
Wearing: Marlene

Thanks for taking a look at my top picks for clay earrings! Let me know if there are any other companies I should look into purchasing from and if you purchase from any of my 3 ladies above.

With love,



One thought on “Top Picks for Clay Earrings

  1. I got the email notification for this and CLICKED QUICK! Love how you support many businesses and people. Could not agree more with your kind words and honest opinions. Looking beautiful as always! Keep up the phenomenal work. Thrilled you have pairs from! Eunice is truly a remarkable, multitasking artist! πŸ¦‹πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ🏼


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