How to Look Stylish at the Office

If you love loud shoes and want to find a way to wear them to the office, this one’s for you! The sparkly and trendy Miss Robinson Fashion House successfully turned into a one stop shop for everyone – even the professionals. Jessica Robinson and her team of buyers, Neil and Cody, were determined to find staple Miss Robinson pieces that screamed, “Fun! Fashion! Beautiful! Sexy! Boss!” And my gosh, I think they did it!

Here are some looks that I put together for my trendsetters at the office. Every piece besides the jeans can be found at the Miss Robinson Fashion House in Rice Village.

I would like to add that you should use your best judgment on the crop tops in the middle row of photos. Some offices may love the cropped sweater, but not the satin tops next to it. In that case, just sub it out with a white top! These pieces and outfits are incredibly versatile. My favorite pieces from MRFH of all times are their pants. Think comfy and chic! All the different bottoms at the Fashion House are so easy to dress up and down… LOVE!

Photos by: @thejesshuynh

Let me know where you like to buy your clothes for work! Even though I work remote, I love dressing up to go to a cute coffee shop to pretend I have an office, hah. Either way, I’m all ears.

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