Holiday Look: How to Maximize an Emerald Green Romper

I’ve always loved the fashion during the fall and winter seasons since the colors are very deep and the outfits can be played around with in very fun ways (like silver shoes). This flirty emerald green romper is be the perfect piece to wear to all of the holiday parties this season and even into the new year. This fun wrap-style romper is from Bao Han Style. I’m styling this piece with the Houston weather in mind. If your winter season is actually cold, throw on a gorgeous white coat or some tights, and be on your way! Here are some different looks I came up with –

The Flirty Gal 

Holiday outfit with silver shoes

This look is all about the frills and pops of color! I wanted to play up the girliness of the ruffles by adding white fringe earrings. Pops of white will compliment a beautiful emerald by giving your outfit the right amount of contrast. In the spirit of loud colors, I added silver booties for that sparkly element that every holiday outfit needs! These silver booties are SO fun that I strongly believe they deserve a post of their own. Look for the post in the near future. There will be an EXCITING announcement to go along with it!

The Edgy Chick

Holiday outfit with leather jacket and black pumps

This outfit keeps it simple yet emphasizes a bold red lip. The leather jacket adds a moody touch to the otherwise flirty romper, and the black pumps scream, “POWER WOMAN!” Who doesn’t want shoes that makes them feel like they can take over the world?! The point of this look is to keep the outfit dark and moody while contrasting it with a red lip or bright earrings.

The Boss

Holiday outfit

So this cape is everything. This look reminds me of something Olivia Pope would wear – professional, stylish, and functional. Hence… BOSS.  I have to be honest, I’ve been terrified of getting it dirty so it has stayed safe in my closet more often than it should… The lucite box purse from Milan Blocks has become one of my favorite accessories. Since it is a little small, it forces me to be decisive and not bring my entire life in my bag with me when I go out. Did I mention there’s a converitble chain to turn it into a shoulder bag, too?

The Risk-Taker

Holiday outfit with white booties and tortoise bag

I call this one the risk taker because of the white shoes. Will they remain white for the rest of my life? Who. Knows. Not only will this look be perfect for a warmer holiday season, it will also be super cute for brunch! The emerald romper and lucite bag dress up the white booties a little while allowing you to stay comfy. These white boots from Marc Fisher click when you walk, too, and that’s always fun!

What’s been your go-to holiday look?

With Love,


Photos by: The Montrose Studios Team


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