Tough Bags for Tough Ladies

modeling medle bag

The type of woman I hope to be is someone strong who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. I want to be someone tough on the outside who stands her ground no matter how many times she’s been twisted around, someone who never shows her scars even though everyone knows they’re there. But let’s play a game. If this type of woman were a bag, which of the millions of bags would she be?

I’d say that she would be a med•lē handbag – indestructible, welcomes change and easily renewed. Gena Smith created this company after being inspired by her children.

“Named for her namesake, Created for his.”

To read more about the inspiration behind this company, please visit the med•lē site here.

strut with Susan medle bag

These fabulous med•lē handbags are fully customizable! You choose your outer body, inner liner and handle. med•lē offers large tote bags in the Andrea and Verone collections and smaller bags in the Collins collection.

modeling medle bag
Jumpsuit: Miss Robinson
Bag: med•lē

The outer body ($39 – $69) is created using the same materials that are in Croc shoes. You can try to rip it, twist it, turn it, scratch it and bop it but you really can’t ruin it. It’s sturdy, easily cleaned if you mark it with a pen and waterproof!

The liners ($26 – $31) are weather-resistant and machine-washable, like whaaaat? There’s a whole lot of space in each liner, and they come with two side pockets, too. The zipper on each bag is very high quality. Can we all say, “Functionalllll?!”

The handles ($24 – $39) compliment these bags so well! There are easy-to-install tote bag handles and great strap selections for the Collins bags.

med•lē also offers super cute complete handbags for $99!

modeling medle bag

I own the Collins bag in Potter Clay ($39) and have the Light Gray ($26) and Red Thatch Inner Liners with the Gunmetal Chain ($24). This is a heavy-duty chain that can take any look to the next level! I’ve taken this bag to work, church, dinner dates, the beach and sooo many more places. It fits everything that I need and more. Think spare earrings, makeup, small notebooks, pens, chips, cookies…etc…Y’all get the idea.

So, if I were a bag, I’d definitely be a med•lē bag.

If you’re interested in a discount, “Susan20” will save you 20% of your med•lē purchase.

modeling medle bag
Jumpsuit: Miss Robinson
Bag: med•lē

Photos by: Susan and The Jess Huynh (photos in champagne pink jumpsuit)

Special thanks to Tina Tran and the med•lē team.


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