What an Introvert Wants You to Know About Working from Home

Yellow Strut with Susan

woman posing wearing jeans with a black belt and a taupe button up top with white Jessica Simpson heels

Hello, my creative friends! Let’s talk about introversion and working from home. As glamorous as many make it out to be, it isn’t. Trust me, I’m SO grateful for the opportunity to be able to do so, but sometimes you just need to hear someone else’s voice and look into another human being’s eyes… ok, that sounds creepy. But take the creep factor out and just think of it as plain human interaction. As introverted as I am, it makes sense that I would need some sort of interaction to tire me out for me to recharge from…right? So, what happened since there was pretty much no interaction? Here’s what I found out about working from home:

  1. Introverts still need people around them. Maybe a specific personality isn’t their cup of tea, but they might rather have one of that personality than no one.
  2. 13 hour days staring at a computer and sitting will make anyone go crazy. See point number 3 below!
  3. Breaks are essential for a productive day of work. Your brain needs time to refocus.
  4. Don’t force the coffee. You’re either a coffee drinker or you aren’t. I don’t know if it’s my mid-20s body changing, but sometimes my beloved half & half does not want to be friendly with me anymore…
  5. Introverts need some time to gather themselves together after a day of work. Even if we haven’t verbally spoken to many, the brain power it took to get the job done can drastically drain us.
  6. Standing desks are NOT optional. It’s so much better for your health and creativity. You’ll feel more motivated when you can walk around and think about the next best way to do your job.
  7. Drink some water. If you really need to, set an alarm for a water break for every hour. I was totally guilty of not drinking enough water for my first week of work, and I got fried.
  8. As unimportant as looks are, I found that a couple of days with some blush and mascara made me feel exponentially better while working. Even though I was working from home, getting the slightest bit ready instantly made me feel more energetic.
  9. Let an introvert release their energy if they’re choosing you to see them act in their foolish ways….or maybe that’s just me. I might have a tendency to dance around my room if I’m still working 12 hours later.
  10. Your environment dictates your focus. Create our workspace well and with intention.

I’m also sharing some photos of what I wish I looked like working from home. I technically can, but do I really want to put on jeans if I’m not going anywhere….? Maybe not. Anyway, this outfit will be a fall favorite of mine. The H&M top is great quality and looks more expensive than it actually is. Goes to show that expensive doesn’t exactly mean high quality… because this $24.99 top was better quality than some $60 tops I’ve seen. I also think there’s something about white pumps that are absolutely timeless.

Woman posing in a taupe button up, jeans, and white heels

Woman wearing taupe button up from HM, Gap Jeans, and White Jessica Simpson Heels

So am I alone in the crazy? Do you work from home and know how to control the craving for company? Help a girl out! My bank account is not loving my love for coffee shops, hah!

With love,


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