Budget-Friendly Ways to Redecorate Your Space

In this new season of my life, I decided to turn my bedroom upside down to transform it into an office! Super exciting but it was important for me to create a budget and reluctantly stay within it. Take that as Tip #1 for Budget-Friendly Ways to Redecorate Your Space! Don’t worry, I’ll say it again for the people in the back.

  1. Create a budget and stay within it no matter what.
  2. Think about what you absolutely need to buy and write it down. For me, it was a desk, a mirror, end-table, and some storage bins.
  3. Plan out how your room will look like. This will give you an idea of the result you’ll be most happy with before you go into Hobby Lobby and buy up the whole store!
  4. Pick a color theme. Knowing what colors you want in your room will make it easier for you to find decor items and furniture.
  5. Research, research, research! Look at Pinterest, Instagram, in-store retail staging (especially IKEA), and any other inspo you might have. When you see what you like, do your best to find it online first to get an idea of the retail prices. Then, hit up discount stores like T.J. Maxx, Ross, Home Goods, and your favorite thrift stores to look for something similar! Don’t expect the best quality, but a little banged up corner never hurt anyone (plus, hello, damaged discount!).
  6. Clean because you do NOT need that thing you kept in case you ever need it in the future. You know what I’m talking about. If you didn’t need it 3 months ago, you don’t need it now. Marie Kondo all that you have.
  7. A decorative mirror is ALWAYS a good idea.
  8. Small plants will spruce up your room just a tiny bit. If you’re a serial plant killer (like me), those fake ones from IKEA will do wonders!
  9. One accent piece adds that certain touch to a room that’ll have everyone wondering what changed and why your space feels so homey. For example, I have a mustard armchair placed diagonally in a corner in my office to add one pop of color in my very neutral room. That chair is discontinued now, but I’m linking a few others that I’m in love with here! By the way, my boyfriend has his own opinions about why colorful pieces are super unnecessary, but I totally disagree! Maybe I can get him to do a post on his take in the near future…
  10. Decide between bedsheets or a new print! Consider this Tip #9 but 2.0. If you aren’t a colorful person, consider getting some new neutral bedsheets with different textures. Since a bed is normally the focal point of a bedroom, new sheets can transform it into an entirely different vibe. For my work-from-home people, a new print will do the trick. Working from home can feel monotonous at times since you’re so familiar with your surroundings. Treat yourself! A new print can freshen up your workspace to create a more motivating environment. So it goes without saying… switch it up every once in a while!

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