24 Things At 24

Since 24 seems to be that age where you might be confused about pretty much everything, here’s my 24 things at 24. Well, 24 and some months, hah!

This post is pretty much to help you see things from my perspective, to think about your own perspective, and for me to go back on when I’m 25+ to see what in the world was going on with Susan from 2019-2020. I pretty much made a compilation of short lessons from the time I entered this world until now and chronicled some pretty important milestones. I challenge you to do one for yourself as well, the only catch is that if you aren’t 24, you can’t write 24 things! Use your age, people. Let me know if you end up writing one. It can definitely help us learn more about each other.Woman walking in taupe booties and wearing a white dress

1. You don’t need the shoes. And yes, there will always be another pair.

2. How the heck do you stay on top of current news? In this digital age, I just subscribe to different news channels on my phone. This is the easiest way for me to stay updated every AM! If you don’t prefer that method, MSN.com is classic.

3. Yes, you have time for your passions.

4. In college, you learn work ethic & relationship building. So don’t say you didn’t get anything out of it because let’s face it… it’s too expensive for you not to get anything out of it.

5. Figure out what you like.

6. You are important and enough. God said so, so who am I to argue?

7. Surround yourself with good people. This is the decade in which you choose the people who will either help you grow or hold you down. Choose wisely.

8. If you have a crazy business idea that no one else seems to support, do it anyway.

9. If you fail, learn, and do it again.

10. Pick yourself up when you fall. Here’s an article from The Every Girl about the 20-Minute Rule that Successful Women Swear By.

11. Look for opportunities to learn and grow. I’m not talking about positions, but about challenging yourself instead.

12. Trust God.

Strut with Susan in green drop earrings
Earrings: similar from Kendra Scott

13. In the hardest times, trust God.

14. Be honest. Always. No matter what.

15. Your mental health is important, too. Find a way to relieve that stress. Have a good cry, even, if you really want to. But in 20 minutes, pick yourself up and move on. See #10 on this list.

16. Go for it. Whatever it is. I got the opportunity to assist at a fashion show produced by Chloe Dao at the beginning of this year that jumpstarted opportunities for me to be a part of many other shows, as well. Never did I think I would even be able to stick a toe into this industry. But I should clearly never say never!

17. Those instant noodles may be delicious, but you might regret it afterward… especially if you’ve had two… at 12 am.

18. Every single person was created differently. Just because something is right for someone else doesn’t mean that it’s right for you.

19. Comparison in every form is harmful. Quit it.

20. Say no. If it isn’t a heck yes, it’s a no.

21. Take those risks now. Here’s a good video from GaryVee’s IGTV if you want to know why. By putting myself out there, I’ve gotten the chance to work with a great cosmetics company, a clothing company, a published interview on Voyage Houston, and made many friends along the way. Don’t sell yourself short. You can do it.

22. Know your body’s schedule and listen to it. You’re in your BEST shape right now, so let’s keep it that way. If you’re tired, go to sleep. Don’t push yourself until you burn out. But if you aren’t working the next day, enjoy those longer nights with your best friends. You’ll only have so much time with them.

23. Life is short.

24. Time is fleeting.

woman posing in front of Houston Flower Wall at Tres Chic

With love,


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