Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I personally take all the chances I can get to celebrate the women in my life. One woman in particular, who’s especially important to me, deserves to get showered with love and whatever she wants. A bit about her – a little sassy, enjoys “window shopping” at Bath & Body Works, likes to smell nice, is a creature of habit when it comes to lipsticks, and takes all the flowers she can get (in bulk). Although we like to believe that our moms and all the mothers in the world may have everything they need, I put together some ideas to shower them with even more.

For the mom who loves smelling nice and leaves scents in the guest bathroom to gently nudge her guests to leave the toilet smelling nice as well –

6 lotion gift ideas from bath and body works

Top: classic sweet pea / one in a million (like your mama) / almond blossom
Bottom: cucumber melon / Japanese cherry blossom / sparkling limoncello

For the mothers who finally get a chance to relax after having to deal with us all day –

3 pajamas and 3 robe ideas to gift mom's for Mother's Day from Target
Top: black sleep set / gray cropped sleep set / long sleeved sleep dress
Bottom: pink striped robe / white robe / black robe

I chose some muted colors that I know for sure my mom would like. She doesn’t like to go bold unless it’s red, which is why I added the NARS crayons in here (2 for 1!). The colors I chose are within the pinky nude/berry/mauve family. For the women who pass down the best beauty secrets –

Lipstick ideas from Clinique, Charlotte Tilbury and NARS for Mother's Day
Top: Plum Pop / 23 All Heart / Mega Melon Chubby
Bottom: Bond Girl (Charlotte Tilbury) / Cruella & Dolce Vita / Damned & Walkyrie

Hopefully, this post helped you out if you haven’t gotten anything for your important ladies yet. Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything, or if we’re on the same wavelength and you got something I mentioned here! I’m going to pull up this post when I become a mom and subtly hint at the robes…

With love,


*All photos within this post are from their respective brands/websites.



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