Last Minute Easter & Spring Dress Guide

If you’re anything like me when it comes to shopping for a specific occasion, then you probably don’t have your Easter dress yet. We have less than a day to go to blend in with everyone else who seems to look 80% happier, more joyful, and covers themselves in all the bright colors you can think of on this cheerful day. My picks for last minute Easter dresses will include those that aren’t too short, don’t show your beautiful boobies (because nobody needs to see that right now), and are super affordable. The colors will range from pretty pastels to a couple of bright choices that I’ve been into lately. My goal is to share dresses that are perfect for Easter, Spring, and basically year-round. Practicality, people! Remember that this post is for inspo, too. You can find any of these styles in your local T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross, etc. Show me how you style those florals!


6 floral dresses from H&M
Top: yellow wrap / dusty pink flounce / dusty blue tie sleeves
Bottom: dusty pink ots / beige floral / bright chiffon v-neck
6 floral dresses from Target that are perfect for Spring
Top: white floral dolman / turquoise v-neck / navy floral maxi
Bottom: blue halter / rusty floral / yellow floral


Solids & other Patterns

3 solid dresses from HM and 3 patterned dresses from HM for Easter
Solids: light dusky green / khaki  / pleated dusky green
Patterns: blue stripes / peachy seersucker / striped dress with laces

I can see myself in all of these dresses for church, brunch, coffee, cute dates, etc. My point is that these dresses aren’t confined to only one event. All of these dresses are under $40, which makes a huge difference to me. (The more sales, the better the buy, hah!) You can see what I decide to pair together for my Easter outfit on my Insta @strutwithsusan! Follow along to see the candid bits of my life and some crazy outfits I experiment with.

What was your favorite dress from my picks? How do you normally dress up for Easter? Give a girl some tips! I’m all for trying new things.

Thanks for joining in today, y’all. Have an amazing week ahead.

With love,


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