Flourish Mascara Review

Strut with Susan Flourish Mascara

The beautiful teal tube and avocado oil are what got me to try out Covergirl’s Flourish mascara. I loooove Covergirl foundations, so I wanted to see if they could suck me into their mascaras, too. This is a wet formula that surprisingly dries very soft on your lashes in comparison to the typical crunchy lashes. The wand is hard plastic (be careful!) and straight with variously sized bristles to coat every lash.  I tried this out for a month without using my lash curler, and here’s what I think –

Strut with Susan Flourish MascaraStrut with Susan Flourish Mascara


Strut with Susan Flourish Mascara

The claims: Defined Volume, Definition, Length without clumps

My lash type: Straight and Heavy

The review: I wanted to love this, but I know I set some pretty impossible expectations for this little lady due to my lash type. This mascara was created with coconut, avocado, and papaya oils allowing it to keep your lashes nourished. Although my lashes felt soft and natural, the curl did not hold for more than 2 minutes. The mascara maintained definition… I think? You have to look really hard, hah! I tried to apply 2+ coats, and dabbled in every other technique I could think of to safely apply mascara, yet still not impressed. This is the makeup product I own that I don’t hate nor love. I find myself still reaching for it maybe once a week, but I’ll use my HG mascara whenever I want to look cute. You know what I mean. One of the few pros I have about Flourish is that it made me love my natural lashes more. In the last month, I realized that if I wasn’t grabbing Flourish, I was rocking a bare face and loving it. All in all, I think I can recommend this to anyone with lighter lashes that hold curls easily. I, however, will not be repurchasing.

Eyes without mascara

Left eye with mascara

Eyes using Flourish mascara

Let me know if you’ve tried this or have heavy lashes, too. There can’t be just one product out there for my fellow straight lash gals, right?!

With love,


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