February Chronicles

As glamorous as I’d like to pretend to look while writing posts, I’m sitting here with wet hair in a towel and wearing an old shirt. Not to mention, my breath tastes and smells heavily of the Spicy Cajun Garlic Butter Crawfish I had about 5 hours ago. Not cute. February was a month full of learning about the art of patience. I’ve gotten myself into a whole lot of trouble with no other option besides trusting in the plan that I know God has for me. It does no good to focus on everything wrong when there are so many things that are wonderfully right.

Since the last lifestyle post, I just want to hop back on to share some highlights of February –

Flew to Cali for a dear friend’s Bachelorette party & loved Glen Ivy Spa. I’d go back to California just for this little spot of serenity. I also had my first Afternoon Teatime at Chado, which is why I’m obsessed with cucumber sandwiches now… I don’t know… haha I love cream cheese!

Two women sitting on rocking chairs in a tropical room at Glen Ivy SpaWoman standing in between LACMA light exhibit

Rode my first electric scooter on a sweet weekend getaway / Though there isn’t a photo of that hilarious sight to see, here’s a photo of what I wore while on it, haha! While boyfriend loved it, I think I’m more of a bike girl. Or I’ll just walk…

Woman in winter clothing posing in front of a green wall at the Dallas Farmers Market

Found a little piece of Paris in Houston – Cafe Poêtes. Ever since my boyfriend and I have flown home from France (last year), we’ve been having withdrawals. Walking through these doors pretty much catapulted us back into the cafes of Paris. Cue the nostalgia! This is a cafe that runs on French time, so don’t expect to get a quick meal. If you have some time to sip your coffee and read a book, this is the best place.

Woman looking out of a window in a Parisian inspired cafe with French food and coffee in front of her

I hope February was magical for you all! Here’s to a good March and great months ahead.

With love,



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