The Facial Oil of the Year

My very first facial oil was the rose oil from Trader Joe’s, and though I love it, I was compelled to try Youth to the People’s Superberry Hydrate and Glow Oil after reading Coffee with Annie’s post on this very product! Read it here.

Strut with Susan YTP Superberry OilAt the time I was looking at this oil, I had some dark spots from picking at my face and pimples (which we all know we shouldn’t do)! The Superberry Oil is priced at $44 at Sephora, so I had to think really hard before sticking my card into the reader.

Why I Bought It

The winning factors for me were that this oil is packed with antioxidants (Maqui and Goji Berries), full of clean ingredients, and absorbs so dang quickly. This formula combats free radicals, revives dull skin, and reduces redness and fine lines. The fruity smell is so delicate, and not at all overwhelming. The texture of this oil is as light as a feather. This means that it absorbs into the skin so fast and makes getting ready for the day or night a breeze.

Strut with Susan YTP Superberry OilHow I Use It & Effects

I press 2 drops into my skin every night after washing my face and applying my serum before bed. This oil lightened my dark spots within 3 days and brightened the rest of my face like a freaking dream. Since the texture of this oil is like a cloud, I haven’t had any problems with clogged pores nor have I noticed any breakouts from using this facial oil. It’s also great as an onboard moisturizer when you don’t want the plane cabin sucking the life out of you. This oil kept my face hydrated without leaving it oily. So instead of walking off the flight greasy and tired, I think I looked pretty fresh! Well, as fresh as I could have looked coming off of a plane, haha.

Strut with Susan Superberry Facial Oil

Final Note: 10/ 10 It’s safe to say that the Superberry Oil has pretty much made its way into my skincare regimen after a month of usage, and I will be repurchasing once I’m out! This is pretty much my beauty secret that isn’t really a secret for all who’ve been asking me.

Let me know your holy grail skincare products that won’t break my bank. I’d love to try them!

With love,





2 thoughts on “The Facial Oil of the Year

  1. I am now getting into oil moisturizer. I have dry skin, and they make such a huge difference in my skincare regiment. Now I’m tempted to try this one.


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