Why A Social Media Break Is Just Fine

Strut with Susan why a social media break is healthy
Strut with Susan Montrose Studios
img by Montrose Studios Photography

“Life is tough, but you’re tougher…” and a social media break is just fine. We’ve all heard the first part before, but it takes on a true meaning when you realize you’ve overcome an enourmous rut in your life. Yes, I’m in my 20’s, so what could I have really experienced to make me say this? Well, my generation (and younger folks) are obsessed with social media. While it started out as an incredibly fun outlet that allowed you to share creativity and network with inspiring people circa 2010, it’s turned into this world of jealousy, comparison, and a manifestation of materialism. I found myself on the middle of this see-saw occasionally leaning towards one way or the other, and decided I needed a break. Here are 5 reasons why a social media break is oh-so healthy….

  1. You become more in sync– with yourself, your people, and life around you. My social media break took me away from the online world and forced me to be more aware of how my friends and family were doing in life. I became a better daughter, friend, and girlfriend. More than that, I think I became someone my 5 year old self would be proud of.
  2. You become free. You’re free of the irrational urge to have a certain beautiful bag, free of needing to look a certain way, and free of limitless comparison. A 15 year old young man once told me that he’s started to care about how many likes his photos got on Instagram, and while I relate, it broke my heart. This talented boy could be caring about other things that matter so much more like his music and how that could change the world. While I enjoy Instagram, there are more important things to care about. This break helped that realization resonate with me to regroup my own goals and reshape my perspectives.
  3. You become more productive. You can fill your time with investing in your people, reading and gaining vocab, writing and organizing thoughts, learning a new skill, obtaining new certifications, perfecting a new language…. the list goes on and ON when you aren’t scrolling through your feed(s) for hours at a time.
  4. You become more creative… what?! Yes. I said it. Without all the comparison, you come up with your own ideas. Inspo is helpful and fun, but at some point, you might find yourself imitating. But please don’t confuse this for people having the same style because great minds think alike, hah! Taking a break from countless perfect images will help you appreciate your process of creating something meaningful to share.
  5. You become happier. You realize that perfection is seriously overrated. What your parents gave you is enough, what God gave you is enough. I’ve been going through terrible times but I developed a deeper appreciation for life, and I hope you do, too.

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