All-Natural Skincare Kit Review

You guys! My skincare routine hasn’t changed in 3 years. When I find something I love, I refuse to let go of it! I recently got to try Ecco Bella’s Two Week VitaminCells Skin Care Kit which retails for $49.95. Though this kit is meant to be used within 2 weeks, I took a little longer to be sure my thoughts were accurate. It’s been about a month and I still have product in each of the bottles. A little goes a long way with these products. Here’s what I think, and I’ll link everything individually as well!

  1. Deep Cleansing Gel Mini ($8.95): This gel has a much thinner formula than what I’m used to. Love this. It lathers onto your face very nicely and feels incredibly light. It’s like water for your face! The longer you massage the product on your skin, the cleaner it feels. This cleanser can double as a makeup remover, too! It’s. Insane.
  2. Natural Mist-on Toner Vitamin Spray Mini ($8.95): I’m not a toner person, but I tried this out a couple of times. This product is completely different from your regular toners that absorbs into your skin and dries…dry? Haha, so this product dries a little oily. I normally can’t feel the product on my face whenever I spray other toners on, but I definitely can with this. It contains “soothing aloe, apple cider vinegar, and organic herbs” as part of the ingredients that help to restore your skin’s vitality. Even though my skin felt incredibly healthy… I still gave this product away to my cousin. Didn’t hate it…just didn’t love it. Give this a try if you’re a toner person, and let me know what you think!
  3. Blemish Remover & Leave On Exfoliant Mini ($12.95): All I have to say about this is WOW. I felt a pimple coming on and thought nothing of it. The next day, a red bump started popping out of my skin like daisies in the spring. The moment I applied this Blemish Remover, that pimple was nowhere to be found. OK, not “the moment I applied it,” but within a couple of hours. It literally disappeared like poof! I didn’t try this as an exfoliator, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an amazing one based on Ecco Bella’s perfect products track record.
  4. Age Antidote Day Cream Mini ($15.50): This day cream was lighter than the moisturizers that I’m used to. The formula is much more watery and smells… natural. Though the smell isn’t my favorite, this product does create a very nice base by making my face look incredibly smooth while protecting my skin from the sun. Y’all, my face looked flawless.
  5. Night Rebuilder Mini ($15.50): This product is thicker than the daytime cream, and also smelled “natural.” But I do see results when I use this night cream without the rest of the skincare line. I have the larger bottle of this product, and my mother LOVES it. So, I literally have not seen the bottle since my mom found it, hah! Apparently, she’s seen her frown lines and crow’s feet disappear within a week’s usage. For me, my skin tone evened out and appeared so much smoother right before my eyes. **obvious exaggeration, but my skin does look great** The major active ingredients in this formula are leutin (prevents harmful free radicals), lycopene (helps improve hydration and elasticity), astaxanthin (reduces wrinkles, lighten age spots, improve skin microtexture), beta-carotene (helps skin look radiant), CoQ10 (neutralizes free radicals), Vitamin C&E (promotes collagen and skin nutrients), ceramides and hyaluronic acid. All the info about Ecco Bella’s ingredients can be found here.

All in all, these products are great. The fact that they’re all natural, vegan, gluten-free, and at least 50% organic makes it even better because I don’t need to worry about any harmful chemicals seeping into my skin. My pores are smaller. My skin is smoother and brighter than its ever been. Although not all of the products are my favorite, the three I would highly recommend are the cleansing gel, night rebuilder cream, and the day cream antidote. But my favorite product of this bunch that I will purchase immediately after I run out of is the cleansing gel. Loooove this stuff. 

**If you guys are interested, you get a discount of 25% off of $25+ using, “StrutwithSusan.”

Here’s a Before and After photo. I know that the lighting is different, but I honestly have no foundation/powder/anything else on my face in the second photo besides my brows and lip color.

Strut with Susan Ecco Bella
Strut with Susan Ecco Bella

Let me know if any of you have tried Ecco Bella or any other cruelty-free/all-natural brands. I have a couple of makeup products from Ecco Bella that I’ll be reviewing and doing a look with soon as well. Stay tuned for that! 

With Love,


**Products mentioned in this post were recived for free. All thoughts are my own.

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