Ten Travel Tips for Paris

Bonjour and back to our daily program of Strut with Susan on Fridays! I’ve spent 2 weeks in the lovely city of Paris, and wanted to share ten travel/lodging tips. The little advice I’m sharing has the ability to make your trip 10 times better… Okay, okay. That’s being dramatic. BUT it will help you prep better for your trip!

  • If you’re staying for at least 7 days, buy a Navigo Decouverte pass at the Metro Ticket Station. Regardless of what the ticket salesperson says, this pass is available to EVERYONE and is the cheapest option for public transportation. This pass can be bought for weekly or monthly usage. We bought the weekly option when we flew in, and was told that the week for this pass starts on Monday* and ends on Sunday. Recharge day for the following week begins on Friday. The Navigo Decouverte can be bought for “all zones” or “two zones” of Paris, and has unlimited usage within the period in which you purchase it for. This definitely comes in handy if you get lost during your public transportation journey. For costs:
    • $22.80: charge for the weekly period for all-zones
    • $5-$6: new Navigo Decouverte card
    • *: updated info that has not been updated on this info site 
  • Taxis are a fixed rate from CDG airport into Paris (50-60 euros)Right bank: 50 euros
    • Left bank: 55 euros
  • Learn a LITTLE bit of FrenchBonjour/ Bonsoir: Hello/Good Evening
    • Madame/Monsieur: Lady/Sir
    • S’il vous plait: Please
    • Pardon: Excuse Me
    • Merci: Thank you
    • Desolee: Sorry
    • Je ne comprend pas: I don’t understand (pair this with “Sorry”)
  • Have manners and be respectful! The French are lovely as long as visitors don’t assume that they speak English.
  • When entering a store/cafe/ restaurant, greet the hosts with “Bonjour/Bonsoir.”
  • Don’t stop for anyone who asks if you speak English in the central tourist spots. Simply say, “Non,” and keep walking! I noticed a group of girls who walk around holding a clipboard. They’ll approach people to ask if they speak English and to sign the paper to help out a cause. Once your attention is on the clipboard, other girls will surround you to pick your pockets. Be careful!
  • Carry some euros with you because not every establishment accept card.
  • The most convenient location to stay in will be the 1st and 2nd ARR. This way, you may not even need a bus pass unless you want to travel around.
  • Visit a Monoprix to make your weekly scheduled Target run. Monoprix stores resemble Super Targets- grocery and clothes! It’s also just fun to see what kind of snacks Parisians eat, hah! I recommend the LU cookies, especially the ones with chocolate rectangles on top of the cookie.
  • Buy liter packs of water to get your daily hydration. Trust me. This’ll be the best favor you do for your body.

Hope you all enjoyed my Ten Tips! Let me know if you have any questions at all, and look forward to a post all about my fave restaurants and pastries in Paris! Until next week…

With love,



2 thoughts on “Ten Travel Tips for Paris

  1. Love love LOVE! I’ll definitely keep this in mind when I visit there. You may officially become my travel review blogger, and give me tips and reviews on the places you visit! Keep doing a great job. I love you Susan!


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