Strut with Susan Yellow

Yellow’s become one of my favorite colors for this new season in my life. This job-hunt, social life balancing, mental health watching, cheerleading friends and family on their endeavors on the side gets a little exhausting.

Everyone knows I’ve always taken the unbeaten path, so to speak. I like to discover every and all kinds of possibilities. Some decisions of which bit me right in the butt, jading me for a while. But I know better. There are always two sides. Unemployment, for example, wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for post-grad life. But it probably isn’t anyone’s first choice for what to do after college either, hah! But this ran deeper for me. I felt ashamed as if I failed. It was embarrassing. After a few soul-searching pep talks, I kept thinking about whether or not what I was doing was in His will. A close sister of mine reminded me that the only thing we’re called to do is glorify Him in whatever we do. That’s it. I have a voice. And I am nowhere near perfect, but I know I can use what I have for a good cause. That’s a start, right?

So on the flip side, unemployment isn’t terrible. The reason I’m not aggressively looking right now is that I have a trip coming up in a bit. This trip is important to me because every time I’ve gone to this amazing city, I learn just a bit more about the people around me. It forces me out of my little bubble. This blog has also been something I’ve wanted to pursue for years… 4 years, maybe? The point is that I’ve always wanted to do this but didn’t have the luxury of time to create posts and content that I was proud of. Now I do. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be job searching when I come back. But that won’t mean I’m quitting this blog. I’ll just be strutting sassier than ever.

So back to the color itself- Yellow is hopeful and bright. It makes me think of the gorgeous sunflowers that we get to see every so often, and newness coming about. I honestly think that there is no other color that can make you feel as happy as when you see yellow. This being said, this jumpsuit from Target reminded me that I can be colorful too. Though I prefer blacks, whites, and other neutrals, this is one I won’t be able to keep my hands off of. Yellow is refreshing, and it’s exactly what I needed.

With love,


Yellow Strut with SusanYellow Strut with SusanYellow Strut with Susan


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