February Favorites

Feb Fave Strut with Susan

Seriously cannot believe that February is almost over. What the heck?! It’s like we’re flying through this year, right?! First thing- I’d really appreciate if you let me know whether or not you like Favorites posts by “liking” this post! It would really really help me! Thanks! Now, my first 2 months of 2018 have been full of open doors, roller coaster rides, emotional breakdowns, joyful highs, lovely nights, and experiences I never thought I’d get. In a short review, here are some of my favorites of this month that you probably heard a WHOLE lot about for a while now, haha!Fenty “Trippin” ($25): This gorgeous Rose Gold color quickly became a staple. Its color payoff, creamy formula, and on-the-go packaging is what makes it SO amazing. If you want to see what it looks like on my skin tone, I wrote a post all about the Fenty products I’ve gotten! Plus, Rihanna. Come on. That’s the winning factor hahah!Fenty Tripping StrutwithSusan

  1. Total Temptations Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil ($6.99): This is one of Maybelline’s newer products from their Total Temptations line. I own the shade “Deep Brown,” and use a light hand when filling in my brows since mine are naturally kind of dark anyway. The formula is pretty creamy, and the product is extremely easy to use. I’d say it’s a dupe for Pixi’s amazing eyebrow pencil! The only difference is that this pencil doesn’t come with the brow gel like Pixi’s. Which leads us to the next product…Total Temptation Brows
  2. NYX Tinted Brow Mascara ($6.99): It’s tinted, and works like a dream! The brush is pretty much a mascara brush dipped into a dark brown gel that holds down any crazy brow hairs. I have a bunch of whacky hairs and own the shade, “Espresso,” by the way, haha! Perfect for a natural looking brows unless you possess the ability to create amazingly bold brows… then you’d probably prefer another product like Anastasia’s,  hahah. I, on the other hand, don’t have that talent… so natural brows are my forte. NYX Tinted Brow
  3. Trader Joe’s Rose Facial Oil ($4): This new product claims to moisturize and calm the skin since it contains Rosehip oil and a “natural rose scent.” I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now. What I can tell you is that my face is as soft as a freshly birthed baby!! Too much? Okay, well my skin is just incredibly soft and supple.. Like dang, come touch my face all day, haha! This has quickly become part of my night-time skincare routine after I’ve showered and washed my face. It’s SO easy to use. The smell reminds me of the Asian lychee jello treats that come in those bear-shaped tubs at Asian markets. Ya know what I’m talking about? They taste amazing!! Another plus side of this product is that you can even use it on the ends of your hair to give it extra TLC. Talk about hitting 2 birds with 1 stone!
    Trader Joe's Rose Oil
  4. Target’s Xhiliration Red Bell Sleeves Romper ($23): Though bought last year, it’s become a favorite of mine for this month since Texas can’t seem to make up her mind about the weather. This romper is soft, stretchy, and has ruffle bell long-sleeves! Perfect for those hot-but-maybe-it’ll-get-cold days, hah! And…POCKETS– The best part of any piece. Speaking of Target…their new lines and Spring pieces are BEAUTIFUL this season. I’ll be shooting some of the pieces this weekend, so stay tuned for sneak peeks on my Instastories @strutwithsusan! Also, linking a similar romper from Target that I believe is highly comparable to this one.

Target Red Romper Strut with Susan

Target Red Romp Susan

Thank SO much for being here, y’all. Let me know if you enjoyed this post! I’d love to do monthly favorites and such. Honestly though, I cannot wait to post about Target’s new Spring items! Oh! I also have a trip coming up… so also let me know if you have any travel suggestions down below or contact me directly via the “Contact” page up top! It would make me SO happy to get to talk to y’all. Till next week!

With Love,



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