Beauty Review: Fenty

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is a game changer. I’m so late because I wanted to use the products in multiple occasions to determine how it wore in different environments. I bought the highlighter and lipgloss when Fenty first launched. No foundation because my shade was out… surprise surprise. I guess that made sense since I searched for it about 3 days after the launch… why did I think my shade would still be there(?), haha! But…I was later able to get my hands on it! Whoot whoot! And because I have a problem with buying only one product when my favorite famous people launch something, I also picked up a trio- highlight, concealer, contour. My last purchase (recent) was the STUNNA lip paint. I also need to include that I’ve never spent more money at Sephora than when Fenty was released… My wallet ain’t happy, haha.. *cries on the inside*

Let’s start.

1. Killawatt HIGHLIGHTER Duo: Chic Phreak & Girl Next Door ($34)

Chic Phreak and Girl Next Door

Though this highlighter duo is beautiful, I don’t find myself reaching for this as much as I thought I would. Both of these colors are great for a low maintenance glow when you don’t feel like going full glam (I don’t know how anyway, haha!). It’s super easy to swipe across the cheek with a couple of fingers! A pro for this highlighter is that it doesn’t make you feel oily at all since it’s powder and not cream.

2. Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear FOUNDATION: Shade 230 ($34)

Strut with Susan Fenty Foundation 230Susan's Fenty Foundation

This foundation makes my skin look smooth, even, and flawless. I look like an actual airbrushed and photoshopped skin ad when I put it on, haha! Like everyone else said, you NEED to work quickly with this foundation. Once it dries, it doesn’t budge until you decide to remove it. This foundation has become my go-to for photo ops! A con is that it will latch on to dry spots. So make sure you exfoliate and smoothen yourself out before applying!

4. Match Stix TRIO: Medium 200- Bamboo, Mocha, Trippin ($54)

Susan's Highlighter TrioSusan's Highlighter Trio

Fenty Trio Strut with Susan

These sticks are incredibly creamy and SO easy to work with. Trippin, though a highlighter, doubles as a gorgeous rosy eyeshadow for me. This is the product I travel with because it’s so versatile and easy to carry around! Bamboo is the perfect concealer color for me. Like the foundation, Bamboo also blends beautifully which makes my skin look amazingly smooth. I’ll dab it on blemish spots and be out the door within 2 minutes! It’s the best. I’m not a huge contour girl, but Mocha is a great shade for me when I am. The color is light enough to look natural but dark enough to create sharp cheekbones that’ll cut those haters! Such wonderful colors in this trio with easy-to-work-with consistencies!

5. LIPS: Gloss Bomb ($18) & STUNNA Lip Paint ($24)

Susan's Fenty Lip Products

Strut with Susan Fenty Lips

Fenty Lips Strut with Susan
Wiped 10 seconds after application

Last but not least, these wonderful lip products! The gloss bomb is beautiful, but I don’t like the stickiness of it. It’s simply a personal preference, not a complaint. I have long hair, so the lip gloss isn’t what I’d reach for if it’s a windy day in Houston, haha! I’ve done that 3 times too many. I’d definitely wear it for events that I’m attending, and not hosting or helping in! It’s also natural and moisturizing enough to wear to work. It also smells like cupcakes… Hello?! Who doesn’t want yummy lips?! Haha! But the Stunna lip paint…. have I ever seen a more beautiful red?! This watery lip paint takes about 5 minutes to completely dry, but you won’t regret the time waiting once it does. This matte red does not budge! I’ve worn it for 12 hours straight without any kind of touch-up, and it was still vibrant until the very end. With that being said, it is difficult to remove. Plain water won’t remove the whole application, so you’ll need to use a makeup remover wipe.  I’d say the con of not being able to easily remove the color is both a blessing and a curse… take it as you may, hah!

All in all, I am in LOVE with this line. Rihanna did an amazing job of formulating colors and products for all walks of life. Fenty offers products for those who prefer the natural look as well as products for those who love being bold. It’s inclusivity is what makes the brand so so special.

I know I posted photos as to what the products look like on my skin tone, but let me know if you’d like videos of me using them too! I’d be happy to do so. Have y’all tried any of the Fenty products?! Love it? Hate it?! Anything else I should buy and try? Let me know below please! Thanks for sticking through this WHOLE post with me, haha!

Until next Friday!

With Love,



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