5 Tips for a Happier New Year

Thought you’d be a bit happier with how the new year is treating you? Me too. Maybe we all bit off a little more than we thought we could chew…like always. It’s necessary to slow down in this fast-paced life sometimes. I always appreciate a good sense of urgency, but lately, it’s been getting a bit too much for me. I do brag about being the kind of person who is always on a mission and always looking for the next thing in life, so I often miss what’s really happening around me & this definitely bites me in the butt afterward. So if any of y’all are burnt out from life, here are 5 ways that help me recuperate and get me ready to handle anything that comes my way! #girlboss?! Haha, trying to be…

  1. Reread your favorite book. I find that rereading books make me nostalgic for the first time I went through that good book. I like to remember the old times to see how far I’ve gone since & it’s always a good time with my bed, a cup of coffee, and my book. Recommendation: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  2. Find a new coffee place & actually drink the coffee. I LOVE coffee, so I naturally gravitate towards anyone who offers me just that haha. New places and people are always inspiring.
  3. Sing. It’s a proven fact that singing improves your mood and helps you get more in-touch with your emotions. Okay, so I’m not sure about that second reason, but the mood-improving part is true!
  4. Hang out by yourself. Everyone needs those times to reflect on life… I just happen to need it a bit more than others haha. I thrive on alone time. It allows me to take the time out to think about what it is I’m really doing in my life, and if I’m in a place that my 80 years old self would be proud of.
  5. Reconnect. There’s a reason you became friends in the first place. Whether you find yourself annoyed by little quirks or rekindling an old connection, there’s always growth in sharing your life others.

This list doesn’t even have to be a New Year’s Resolution. It can help slow you down when life gets a little too rough. It’s a gentle reminder that you’re important too, taking care of others requires you to care for yourself. So, hoped this helped! Let me know if there are other tips that work for you!

With Love,


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