To Ends and New Beginnings | 2017

Strut with Susan 2017

Strut with Susan 2017

It was only fair that I give 2018 a full week to determine if the year could potentially top the end of 2017. Verdict: 2018 will be amazing.

It started with conversations about foreseeable futures with my closest friends, good food, and importantly, a brand new slate. Since I’ve graduated, my mind has been running wild with all of the things I have time for this year…

For starters, this blog is coming back! Videos will be posted on my Youtube channel too, which I’ll link later down the line! I’ll have more time to work on my own creative purge. Let’s be real though, your girl doesn’t have money for high-end fashion or beauty reviews… at this moment. So, what I’ll do is review or create new things with what I already have. My goal is to not succumb to the hoarding of new products, which will be hard because Target, haha!

Up next are new engagements. I have friends who are simply waiting for the proposal. How exciting!?!? They’ve found the best men to do life with, and that is simply divine. I cried talking about it. I’m crying now. This reminds me of when we were 6 years old, envisioning our wedding plans. Now, it’s really happening. How are you supposed to feel when your friends are all getting engaged?!

All of these beautiful moments… but we have to remember the roller coaster that was 2017.

It started with birthday dinners, Boston trips, and family visits. Then came my sweetest cousin who survived an accident she shouldn’t have, my grandma’s departure from the world to be home with the Lord, shootings, and Harvey. The heartache was almost unbearable. But Houston is Strong. We came back by coming together, the Astros won, and then we got snow. It’s somewhat a beautiful end to a year of whirlwind happenings.

I think that’s the breathtaking thing about life. It always comes together in the end. This is what I need to remember.

So… raising a glass (or two or three) to 2017! Au’revoir!

With love,



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