My New Year’s Eve Staples

StrutwithSusan NYE

It’s about to be a New Year!! Let’s talk about how #done we are with 2017… especially since there was an almost death, an actual death, and then Harvey. 2018 will be the redeeming year, and we’re celebrating a brand new chapter. I want to share with you all 5 tips that I think are staples to give your subtle NYE outfit some extra pizazz so you can look as fabulous as you can be. I mean, we survived the year and should be celebrating, right?! Here are my looks and tips! I’ll link my pieces under the photos too.

  1. VERSATILE DRESSES. All of my dresses have been worn before and will be worn for many events in the future. To give you some ideas, the white sweater dress is professional enough to wear to a work party! I’ve worn the red dress to a Christmas party, and my silver dress was my gift to myself for receiving a 4-year degree! I have to say, Thacker’s Silver Dress has climbed to my favorites. It’s warm, well-made, and has POCKETS.
  2. RED LIPS. My favorite has been the Fenty STUNNA Lip Paint. This color is bold and gives you instant confidence. The formula is wet, but dries matte and quick. So be careful!! Let me know if you all want an actual review for this. I’ll happily do it on my Youtube channel!
  3. COMPLEMENTING ACCESSORIES finish the look. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with gold hoops. I paired it with the white dress to fill out my top area without taking away from the dress. I chose a statement necklace for the red dress because I wanted to emphasize the fearless look created by the color red. All the while, the warm white scarf toned it down just a bit. This way it was easier on the eyes haha.
  4. SHOES YOU CAN MOVE IN. Tell me, how were you planning on looking super cute without being able to walk? Be comfortable!! There’ll be dancing, mingling, and all of this requires you on your feet! These OTK boots have the most comfortable heel! Though it doesn’t hurt to walk, the tops do slide down my thigh. If any of you know how to help, please do!! haha. These won’t be my getaway shoes! As for the sandals, they are also a dream. They’re velvet, so they’re trendy. I’ve also danced in them for hours and hopped over puddles. So, ladies, we can definitely run in these, haha!
  5. AN OPEN MIND. There will be so many people you’ll meet or reconnect with. You can be such an impactful person in their lives! There’s no need for you to close yourself off to connections before you find out what you’re in for. This is a New Year’s party. Give yourself some new fun. Welcome your next year with new people. Who knows? They can be the ones you sit around a retirement table playing dodgeball with a balloon with.. It’ll be beautiful.

*White Sweater Dress: Banana Republic 

Gold Hoops: Old Navy

*Sandals: Bandolino (Macy’s) P.S. These are LAST ACTS!! Hurry!!

*Red Dress: H&M

White Scarf: gift

Statement Necklace: gift

*Sequin Dress: Thacker NYC (IT’S ON FINAL SALE RIGHT NOW!)

OTK Boots: Aldo (Mine are sold out, but these are similar ones. These have a heel that shouldn’t hurt, haha!)

*: My Favorites

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know if any of you also looove a red lip and loud silver dress. If so, which one?! I love my Fenty STUNNA and Thacker, but am always open to trying out new things. It’s one of my resolutions, haha! Until next week!

With Love,



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