EM Cosmetics Products Review

Hey, y’all! So, I found myself zoning out while studying one night and decided to make an impulse buy (or two) from EmCosmetics.

As we may all know, Michelle Phan took a hiatus from social media and everything we’ve known her to be a part of in order to find inspiration again. I’m so so happy to find out that she is back and feeling better than ever! Being one of my inspirations since I was 12, I obviously had to find out what was up with her and support EmCosmetics, which brings me to the Brush Tip Eyeliner & Infinite Lip Cloud in French Nude!

Here’s what I think:

Eyeliner: Brush Tip 5/5

Photo from EmCosmetics

This eyeliner comes out dark and does NOT budge. It is also one of the easiest to use eyeliners I’ve ever tried, especially since I wasn’t blessed with steady hands. I felt in complete control with this eyeliner. The brush tip makes it so much easier to build your liner to the level thickness you prefer your lines to be, yet maintains the precision of your line. I normally like my liner to be pretty thin and precise which makes this the perfect liner for me. This will also be the liner I grab for all my rainy days because this seriously does not smudge, or wash off with anything but makeup remover.

Infinite Lip Cloud: French Nude 4/5

Photo from EmCosmetics

THIS SMELLS LIKE CAKE BATTER, which is reason enough to buy it, in my opinion. I was blown away when I first opened the tube; So much so that I really wish I recorded it haha. I spent the next couple of days forcing all of my friends to smell the amazing and yummy scent of this lip creme. Anyway, I love the color and how creamy it applies. The formula is so incredibly light, doesn’t dry out my lips at all, and dries with a matte finish. The color gives me a subtly edgy look with its mauve-like nude color pay-off.

My only drawback with this lip creme is that it begins to peel and come off toward the middle of my lips around the 1.5 to 2 hour mark. It isn’t a big deal though because it’s not anything a quick touch up can’t fix! I’d definitely buy this again, and maybe even muster up the courage to try Faded Clementine or Violet Magenta!

OVERALL, I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS & EM COSMETICS. I received the products one week after ordering them in that gorgeous box. The attention to detail in the packaging and presentation is one of my favorite aspects of EM and pretty much anything that Michelle does, really. It’s obvious she cares about her consumers, and I love supporting GirlBosses of all sorts.

Have y’all tried any of EM Cosmetics’ new products? If you have, what’d y’all think?!


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