3 Chilly Essentials

I’m tripping to a colder part of the country this weekend, and all I can say about it is that I’M SO EXCITED!! Most people I know complain and basically cry when Houston hits that 55 degree weather, but I don’t get why. I’d like to believe that my Canadian blood is pretty much what keeps me alive and always missing chilly days. It wasn’t until I began packing that I realized I didn’t have any cold weather pieces in my wardrobe that will actually maintain my body at a temperature that won’t give me hypothermia. So, I obviously had to go shopping, and I want to share what I think the three essentials are for a trip to surviving a cold weekend trip!

Trenchcoat: This article of outerwear will basically protect me from the wet and windy possibilities of my weekend trip, and is also the one piece I am willing to spend a little more $$$ on.

Leather Jacket: So, leather jackets bring out the bad girl in me. That’s the only reason it’s essential. Not the fact that it keeps me warm while making me look a lot cooler than I actually am or that it’s basically also waterproof…

Blanket Jacket: This is essential for airplane reasons. I can’t control the temperature on my side most of the time, so it gets freezing cold. Even if I’ve turned off the air, the plane has a mind of its own. I’ve found it best to just bring some sort of comfortable blanket-looking jacket so that I can look a bit cuter when I’m snoozing and when I get off the plane.

Those are the three things I can’t go without when I know I’ll be freezing! Hope I’ve helped some & be sure to check my Instagram for my adventures in the East Coast!


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