Spring Break On A Budget

For all the students out there, our annual week of fun is LITERALLY right around the corner. I’m sharing with y’all my picks for looking cute and enjoying spring break while on a budget! What?! “Is that even possible?!”, you might ask. YES! It totally is. I understand the struggle of wanting to look cute AND be practical with your wardrobe while being careful with your money. These picks are from brands I personally shop at, so I guarantee that you’ll be able to run, jump, dance and everything in between while staying prepared for a photo op!

I usually reach for this outfit because it’s super practical. I’m pretty much always making a fool of myself by prancing around & sitting in a very unladylike manner, so this is my year-round outfit & I’ll add extra pieces to give it a more Spring Break vibe.


This is THE SOFTEST basic white tee ever. EVER. I got it for less than $10 at my most favorite store to go to “just for fun”. Any ideas? You guessed it, Target!! ..And if you didn’t guess it then you know now!

These shorts have been with me through thick & thin. It’s made with a thick & durable material, but also dry quickly (I went on Splash Mountain at Disney World, got drenched, and it dried up within half an hour. Thankfully!). Plus, it doesn’t ride up. Thank goodness I found them. ($20)

I bought these boots 2 years ago, so they’ve been discontinued. But wait! I’ve found similar ones here (less than $30). I swear, they’re super comfortable to walk in. I know that Forever 21 items can be a hit or miss, but most (3/4) of the booties I bought from them have become my favorite go-to shoes.

My Other Picks

I wish I had these sassy shades to cover up my tired eyes from the previous day’s fun in my photo. I’m really liking the rosy-pink shade lenses & am always up for some cheetah print. Where all my Cheetah Sistas at?! ($10)

I’d also wear this fun swimsuit underneath so I can jump into a pool anytime I want. ($20 for now!! Get them while the deal lasts!) Aerie has the best swimsuits, in my opinion. The quality, wear and durability is unlike any other swimsuit brands I’ve worn.

Might honestly even switch up my booties for these pineapple slides . ($15) Don’t judge me. I gravitate towards all things pineapple for some odd reason. Or if you’d rather me be a bit more normal, I’d go for these crisscross sandals. ($13)

Hope this helps you get ready for Spring Break ’17! Catch me on my Insta to see what I’m doing next week, and on Pinterest to see where I get my inspiration from!

What’s your favorite Spring Break memory?!

Thanks for reading, and see y’all next Friday for another post!


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