A Love that Moves

Two weeks ago, I learned the reason I’ve never felt “at home” when I  am clearly in the confines of the familiarity of the house I’ve lived in and the city I grew up in. I don’t belong here. I don’t belong in this world, on this earth. I. Don’t. Belong. My spirit longs to be in the kingdom of Heaven. It longs to be in a place made of sugar and spice, and everything nice. It longs for a place filled with love. A place where love reigns; where there is no hurt, no sorrow, and no tears.

I underestimated the power of love. The word itself gets thrown around like every other word in the dictionary. “I love him, I love her, I love it”, and so on. I’m not condemning anyone about this because I do this all the time- I love ice cream, I love those shoes, I love (insert inanimate object(s) or Beyoncè here). Or, my favorite, I LOVE FOOD. Believe me when I say my love for food is pretty darn powerful, but it’s not even half as powerful as the love that was experienced today. For as compelling as today’s love felt, needless to say, it doesn’t even compare to the love our Father has for us. How. Crazy. Is. That.

We’re all looking for love, and this has to be the love that people die trying to find. This unconditional and indescribable (because no description gives this love any justice) kind of love. This. Is. It. After this overdue epiphany, how do you even react to this? In this case, Love Moves.

What an honor it is to personally know someone who experiences this love so much so that they have the faith and confidence to go wherever that love calls them. Watching them grow over the years, I’ve realized that their whole life is a walking testimony. They were given a gift by the Most High that they’ve shaped and sharpened to become as excellent as they are now in that craft. It’s beautiful. It is such a wonderful thing to see and hear about the differences they make everywhere they go. It’s touching to discover the way they’ve impacted others. It is so amazingly inspirational to encounter someone who goes about life with such boldness, who cares and corrects with such love, who loves and fears the Lord with all that they have.

With those characteristics, I truly believe we all can make a difference to better one another and ultimately better this world. Let’s do so. Let’s love.



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