The Secret to Dressing Under 5 Minutes


I’ve been completely OBSESSED with black and white color schemes for almost every aspect of my life: room decor, artwork, photography (if you’re updated on my Instagram)… Today, we’re talking about a black and white wardrobe. It’s so much easier pairing black and white pieces when you only have about 5 minutes to get ready for your day. Monochromatic clothing can also make you look…expensive, for lack of a better word. It’s that outfit that might make others think you put a whole lot of effort into piecing together when, in reality, you put 2 minutes into coordinating. Here’s an idea:

I’m wearing a simple white dress from New York & Company. Have you ever had that feeling when you see a piece of clothing and everything clicks for you? The moment you lay eyes on it, and think, “That’s it”? Well, let me tell you… I ran into the store looking for a white dress, not cream, off-white, eggshell, a little white, sometimes white….NO. I needed a WHITE dress for a bridal shower that was happening 2 hours later (without taking into account the 50 minutes required to drive home and get to the shower on time). I was euphoric when I tried on this dress. It was a true white, modestly form-fitting, and just the right length. YES! I’ve had it for a year and it’s still white to this day. White dresses can be dressed up with pumps, or dressed down with flats or sandals. It’s the perfect thing to grab when you’re lacking the usual tim needed to get ready. Since I felt more lady-like than usual, I paired it with a some black d’orsay pumps from Zara, and a black purse from H&M. Easy-peasy! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
As for my model (who is much more photogenic than I am), her outfit is also much more bargained-for than mine. Her black top, and black heels were bought at Ross when she decided she deserved new clothes for an eventful week at work. The white jeans are from PacSun, which she bought long, long ago. Her owl necklace is from Forever 21, and her pewter structured bag was a gift (and a great one at that).








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