Inspiration (Surprise!)

I feel sparks within me when others tell me about their passions. I love hearing people talk about what they love. I see this fire in their eyes, and that simply makes me happy. No… MORE than happy. ECSTATIC! It inspires me, and I think that’s one of the best feelings in the world.

I’ve been feeling so dead and unmotivated, but one conversation with this beauty changed that. I felt her excitement when she spoke with urgency about who she wanted to become in the future, who her role model was, and how she plans on making all of her dreams happen. Today’s talk absolutely goes in my Top 5 most stimulating conversations of the week (and it might have even made number 1 on my list). Speaking to her reenergized me about my own future. How blessed I was to be able to run into this lady of all people!

As seen here, Violet’s opted for a laid-back look today by adding a pair of black Converse sneakers and a denim shirt to a casual LBD. On her arm, she’s carrying black Betsey Johnson purse.

In addition to being this stylish and intelligent badass, she writes! She writes well! Check Violet out on CollegeFashionista where she posts the latest trends around her college campus!

So, look around y’all. Everybody can inspire anybody. Go out and get inspired, be obsessively passionate, and embrace it. Take a risk. I swear, you won’t regret it. -Susan

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