It’s officially SUMMER!

Did you see the title? Yes! It’s officially summer. The sun will not leave you alone, no matter how many times you ask it (nicely!). Throughout this lovely season, you’ll always find me in a tank top..what’s new!?

The tank top worn in this post is one of the ones from Zara.

My stretchy jeans are from Forever 21.

My shoes are navy and white slip-ons from Target.

Lastly (to girly it up), I have my lilac wallet that is also from Target.

The watch has been worn so many times… it’s the same ol’ Fossil watch I received as a Christmas gift.

The accessories not shown in the body picture above are a pair of earrings, and a necklace that have become my new favorites.

The earrings are so edgy. I love them because they’re different, and they’ll add a fierce and unique look to whatever you’re wearing. They’re one of those accessories that will put the finishing touch on a casual v-neck and jeans outfit with a red lip and heels. Sigh…I just love them!

As for the necklace, I wanted a dainty gold necklace that’s also appealing to the eye. I saw this, and found it to be perfect! It’s a different pattern than what you’re used to, and it’s so dainty it adds a feminine look to you by making your neck appear a little more slender.

Earrings from Forever 21.
Earrings from Forever 21.
Necklace from H&M
Necklace from H&M

This is my goto look for the summer, especially when I’m too lazy to shave my legs. We can all be honest here.. it’s a tedious PAIN. I love throwing outfits together and finding something casual that works. Phew! Time to soak up more sun…

Until next time, strutters!
With love,


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