Shopping in Istanbul

Today was a day to spend money at…. the Grand Bazaar! Let me tell you, this place was grand… and definitely bizarre. There are so many different people in this one place, and so many sellers making a living here. You see people from all walks of life who want to experience this humungous marketplace…it’s comforting, in a sense. Watch out, it’s so easy to make a fat wallet skinny here….  

2. For lunch, we went back to Baran Ottoman… Yum! I ordered another beef dish. This dish was beef, an assortment of vegetables, and potatoes inside a cheesy casing. Of course, I had to order the buttered rice again.



3. We also got a chance to try Apple Chai. Super strange. If you’ve ever gotten sick, and had Theraflu packets… that is what it reminded me of. So, no. It wasn’t my favorite, but it wasn’t terrible. It definitely warmed me up though, so that factor makes up for the strange medicinal taste.

4. Remember how I said that it is super easy to spend money at the Grand Bazaar?….Yes. This happened. 520.50 Turkish Liras later…. minus the Eiffel Tower keychains, Paris bottle opener, and NYC journal, this was what I bought… Quality over quantity, right? The scarves are soft, intricately made, warm, and of high quality. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself to justify my purchases. We’ll just have to find out if it lives up to those justifications this coming winter!


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