What I Wear: …To Be Prepared

I never know what the weather in Houston is like these days. God has to have a sense of humor when it suddenly storms one afternoon, and nobody is ready…especially not me with my dresses. (Definitely discouraged to wear dresses for a whole day ever again). I wanted to share my outfit of the day this one cloudy/sunny beautiful day since it was affordable, versatile, efficient, and very simple.


  1. Awkward and uncomfortable “Susan” face: priceless
  2. Top: Zara ($5.90)- lightweight, well-made, keeps you cool or warm, loved this so much I bought it in four different colors
  3. Chambray shirt: Old Navy  ($24.94)- durable, lightweight, MY STAPLE PIECE
  4. Watch: Fossil
  5. Leggings: H&M ($10)- comfortable, opaque, flattering
  6. on-sale Booties: H&M  ($20)-comfortable, durable (worn in rain)


I LOVE sales. Who doesn’t?! Speaking of, I will be attending the Modern Ego Warehouse sale this weekend. I’ll find time during the week to post a haul (if I buy more than 2 items) in the midst of my studying for finals!


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