Sprouts? Nope! Brussels, Belgium; Home of the world’s greatest chocolates! This super cute city has some amazing architecture with cottage looking homes to grand and intricate buildings. Here’s what I did!

1. Markhal: This is one of Brussel’s indoor markets. It’s detailed ceiling is so beautiful, isn’t it?! I think that it’s also an indoor farmer’s market…. This place houses many things: fruits, vegetables, spices, teas, frozen yogurt, sweets (candy, pastries, cakes, cookies), coffee, cheese, wines, and so much more. It even has an actual convenience store/ market downstairs.


  • Outside of the market were these cool bike racks. I know some avid cyclists, and this mass amount of bikes just reminded me of them. Also, those buildings in the back are actually built in that shape… it wasn’t an unfortunate panorama attempt.

2. The Atomium in Brussels- It’s super cool, and SUPER HIGH. It’s actually pretty amazing.  Want to know more?

3. Parc du Cinquantenaire – This is home to Autoworld and the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History. The architecture is absolutely amazing..

4. The Royal Palace and the King’s Garden     

5. DINNER TIME at Nuetnigenough (5 stars! Our waiter was friendly, and helpful. The food was delicious, and the environment was oh-so-relaxing. I definitely recommend this place if you’re in Brussels!)

  • Appetizers: Assorted Cheese, Pate & Bread, Salad
  • Entrees (Left to Right): Beef stew with French Fries, Swedish Meatballs with Green Beans, Rabbit with Vegetable Puree

6. The Street Snacks of Brussels. When in Brussels, you MUST have Belgian Waffles.. they are everywhere! This was 5 Euros, I believe. Fresh waffle (she makes it in front of you), fresh cut fruit (she cuts it in front of you), and a superb drizzle of chocolate… or was it Nutella? It must be some sort of Belgian product… I’m not sure what it was, but it was heavenly!

7. The Grand Place is a beautiful square that’s lit up at night. This seems to be the center of the heart of Brussels. In this square are shops and restaurants. Surrounding this square in the smaller streets are… more shops and restaurants. You can find it all around this square- chocolate, souvenirs, crepes, a large cone of fries (tastier than the Houston Rodeo’s, might I add), food (all kinds of food), and whatever your heart desires…. it’s all here.

Beautiful, beautiful, intricate architecture EVERYWHERE. I’m in awe of the abilities of those who built these structures… they are SO high, and SO detailed. So much history lies in those walls…. Gosh. I just feel so blessed to be able to say that I had Belgian waffles in Belgium.. Oh! Chocolate, too. Chocolate in Belgium will change your life. For all you non-chocolate addicts, take a trip to Belgium. Then strut back, and let me know if you still hate chocolate.

Thank you Belgium, for turning me into a Belgian chocolate lover… until next time!



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