Merhaba, Istanbul!

 After a long three hours of flying from Brussels to Istanbul plus a one hour ahead difference, we ended up at the Sea of Marmara that night for a freezing and beautiful experience.

1. At this little “dine on the dock” outdoor restaurant, we braved up and tried their famous “Fish and Bread”. It is literally fresh (grilled?) fish….and bread with onions and some shreds of lettuce. I’m not a big fan of fish unless it’s fried (or salmon), so this “Fish and Bread” is not on my list of things to experience again. It wasn’t a horrible meal, but I prefer my fish boneless which this definitely was not. 

2. After that “Fish and Bread”, our group went on a night boat tour on the Sea of Marmara. Our purpose was to see the humungous Bosphorus bridge, which connects Europe and Asia.

There wasn’t much this first night due to extensive traveling and different time zones. We were also all a bit lost in the city resulting in a semi-chaotic adventure up until we found our hostel and got a chance to fully relax. We might have even had the best sleep of the trip that night, while fully aware that the next couple of days would bring nothing but joy, discovery, and exhaustion to us… stay tuned!


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