Drugs, girls, and beer. That’s the center of Amsterdam, right? People forget that Amsterdam has so much more to offer… like STROOPWAFELS! Can I get a whoop whoop?! These things are insanely addicting (moreso than legalized marijuana)…. it tastes better too… Here’s a recap on my day!

1. Corpus Health Museum: 20€

Ever wondered what it was like to be inside your own body? Wonder no more! At this museum, you get to walk through each part of the body and experience what it’s really like inside your body when it’s working to keep you alive and well. Although this was a different and interactive (sometimes fun) museum, I wouldn’t spend 20€ to come back unless I had young children… So give me about 5-10 years. Sorry, Corpus!

2. Windmill Village: free entrance with personal expenses

  • 2€ for 1 stroopwafel

This place is so, so lovely! It’s a little village with windmills on most houses… Well, it is called Windmill Village. Most of the little houses are specialty shops that produce and sell. The shops range from food, to souvenirs, to wooden shoes, to cheese and even to chocolate!

I even discovered one of the best snack foods in the world: Stroopwafels. They are two thin and soft waffles stuck together by a caramelized syrup. Once they give it to you, this soft masterpiece becomes crispy and chewy. Yum!!! Wish they had this in the states… (UPDATE: THEY DO! I found them at World Market in a blue and white box!!)

3. Center of Amsterdam


  • New Dorrius Restaurant & Bar: On the house chilled cucumber soup with salmon (1/5 stars), 22.50€ for 1 Zalm Label Rouse (House Smoked Salmon with… Spinach and some risotto/rice looking things) (3/5 stars) , 2.50€ for 1/3 Liter of Still water.

  • “Coffee Shops”
  • Red Light District

Amsterdam’s center is historical and beautiful. The vintage look to this city gives it that character… The character that screams, “Amsterdam!”…Along with the sweet skunk-y smell that is Marijuana. I never knew what Marijuana smelled like until  yesterday, and I don’t like it. Needless to say that I didn’t smoke it and I’m not sorry to disappoint. I’m not judging anyone who smokes it, I just personally don’t prefer it.

The Red Light District will be a future post on it’s own.


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