Before We Fly…

It’s always tear-jerking, heart-beating-so-hard-that-it-might-escape-my-ribs exciting when you receive a confirmation email from an airline for a flight you have just booked. Your vacation plans become real as you mark the days off of your calendar with a red marker (or your finger if you are doing so electronically). You begin telling everyone about your trip… everyone. Every person you pass will get an earful of how excited you are…from your family to the driver in the car next to you when you are stuck in Houston’s morning traffic. Days go by while you fantasize about what to do, where to eat, what kind of people you’ll meet, and how to spend your money WISELY. You go back to mark another day off of your calendar when you realize that you fly out in five days, and THAT’S when your excitement turns into tear-jerking, heart-beating-so-hard-that-it-might-escape-my-ribs stress. What do I pack? Which outfits are cute? Cute clothes or comfortable clothes? Can I walk in these heels….would they even fit in my luggage? Should I just wear this coat to the airport, so I don’t have to pack it?

But fear not! Join me the next few weeks for a short collaborative travel series that could possibly help you in your next suitcase-involving adventure!



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