Color Me Floral

2015’s Valentine’s Day has just passed ….Ok, it hasn’t just passed… It’s passed a couple of weeks ago now, but I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s filled with nothing but love, chocolates, flowers, and food! I decided (that morning) to go for an atypical Valentine’s look, so instead of covering myself in red, I slipped into this light, floral dress from Forever 21.

imageimage image image

Dress: The material flows very nicely, which gives you that much needed breeze on a warmer day. Needless to say, it will definitely be worn more in the spring and summer seasons because those patterns just scream the need for sunshine, green grass, and flowers. They are so feminine and sweet, yet bold enough to catch a couple of glances wherever you are.

Necklace: I love subtle statement necklaces. This one, also from Forever 21, is a bit smaller in size than your average statement necklaces, but still packs that punch needed to not only complete an outfit, but to cover up unnecessary chest space due to pesky low necklines.

Watch: This Fossil watch was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend. He knew I was looking for something small and classy. I love the gold for the formality that it portrays, and the linked chain for its femininity. I find this watch incredibly easy to pair with any outfit and is able to make me look put together on days when I seem to need a cup of coffee every hour.

Camera Bag: It’s so cute! The shape of  it is definitely unique (granted that it IS a camera bag and not a purse/bag). But rebellious me used it as the latter. This bag took a couple tries to get use to, but I’m liking the durability of it. Its material is more of a hard shell than weak leather, but it is small. So, it only held a couple of lipsticks, my cards, money, keys, Listerine Pocketpacks, a guitar pick, and a pen- all teensy items. This was also given to me by one of the lovely fashionistas in my life.

Sandals: I chose sandals instead of heels because I wanted to be comfortable running and playing like the little kid I am at heart. I bought them from Target (I LOVE TARGET) last summer, and they have lasted astonishingly well. They haven’t even started to come apart, yet (THANK YOU, Target)!!! I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll last me for, at least, two more summers!


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