Who is Susan?

Susan is a native Texan in her twenties, current business student at the Bauer College of Business, and a traveler at heart. She dreams of seeing His creations up close and personal, and is confident in her abilities to make those dreams come true, having complete faith that everything will fall into place somehow. Susan values passion, faith, organization, and honesty above all. She has an eye for detail that allows her to appreciate all forms of art. Warning: Susan is also highly opinionated, so do not ask for an opinion unless you want the blunt truth.

Susan loves food, shoes, new adventures, coffee, learning experiences, and more food (the more food, the happier Susan is). Being silly is her forte, and encouragement is her specialty. She enjoys laughter, and ice cream most of her days; But books, and a blanket for those rainy/gloomy ones. Dressing up is fun, but getting ready for bed is even more exciting! Her Sundays are spent at church discovering more about the Father, and constantly working to better the gift(s) she was given to glorify Him. She is in love with the fact that every day is, indeed, a new day. New days (especially the sunny 50-60 degree days) are a chance to fix the mistakes made yesterday, to better who you are, to create what you have imagined so that it can come to life, and to work another day closer to your dreams.

Susan loves to aspire, inspire, and assist. A tentative career path she is interested in is the business world within the fashion industry. There’s something about the hustle and bustle of figuring out how to maximize a company’s profitability, what pieces to sell and how many in order to beat your competitors, and simply how to keep your boss/ designer happy (ahem, The Devil Wears Prada). As to which path she’ll choose, we’ll just have to find out! But for now, Susan will just be learning from those who know more about this blogging business, her professors, and actually, those who know more than her overall and use those lessons to bring you only the best of her work. Much love to all of you!

 shoot with Hannah

P.S. If you are student at the University of Houston and need photos done, contact Hannah! She’s a spunky, awesome girl who takes amazing photos (not being biased here)!


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