About StrutwithSusan

So I’m a recent graduate with a joy for empowering others with tough love encouragements and fries. Whataburger fries to be exact.

I started inconsistently blogging a few years ago to document my travels. It was somewhat an online diary. I had no plan, no strategy, no deadline for my posts. But it was consistent because I loved it and had different ideas to write about everyday (while on the toilet when I was busy). Please note, getting TMI will be a regular on here. We’ll probably use words like crap to describe a less-than-perfect day filled with period pains. But do not fret, we’ll also be talking about those beautiful things that make you feel grateful to be alive. Anyway, blogging went really well until I hit that dreaded creative wall. A one week break became two…then became one month, two months… you get the idea. Now we’re here.

I’ve learned a lot since. This will still stay as my online journal, but hopefully my posts (old and new) can help a few of you out. To give you a better idea, I’m an ambivert- highly Introverted with extroverted tendencies. What this means is that I am a grandmother who loves staying in to read a book and eat cookies on most days. But some days when I’m feeling outrageous, I’m literally Baddie Winkle meets Beyonce meets Cardi B making her way through Houston, haha. If you don’t know who Baddie is, please take this moment to Google her. Right now. Seriously. I think my life is full of pretty unpredictable and unconventional decisions, so this’ll be a hoot for my future grandkids to go through haha.

I decided to take a more organized creative path than most others I know, which was really difficult. The support seemed scarce, but I still felt the urge to pursue it. Thank God I did. At this moment, it’s never been more rewarding and I’ve never been happier with my opportunities. Let’s not forget though that I seriously thank God for everything that’s happened in my life. There are things I wouldn’t have been able to get through with Him.

So, here’s to a place we can talk together, laugh together, cry together, and find out how weirdly astonishing life is. Do life with me! If there’s anything you need or want to ask me about at all, please comment/contact me! We can chat!
Seriously can’t wait to open this new chapter with y’all.

With Love,