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Here’s the moment we have all been waiting for… my red lipsticks review! I have a video up on IGTV showing what all of the colors look like on my lips, too, so let me know what you think! I’m a warmer skin tone right now at W5 Sand Beige from L’Oreal’s True Match foundation. I’m saying “warmer” in comparison to my pasty self from a couple of months ago. My golden Hawaiian tan has since started to fade, which makes me think it’s time to go back, hah! Join me?

Anyway, here is my detailed post about each of my red lippies. Let me know if you decide to get any! Enjoy –

Different red lipsticks on a warm skin tone

  1. L’Oreal Colour Riche True Red ($8.95): This is the most classic and easy red to reach for. The formula is moisturizing, so don’t worry about grabbing your lip balm. Be sure to take this lipstick around with you because it’ll easily fade after a drink or vigorous lip-licking after munching on fries. Though gorgeous and my favorite drugstore red, I won’t buy it again.
  2. Colourpop Ultra Satin Ambush ($7): So pigmented! It glides on smooth and opaque after the first run, which is always a plus in my book. Be sure to use a lip liner with this one because it’s so easy for it to bleed outside of your lips. I had to go back and “erase” some marks after I was done, hah! My only bone to pick with this product is that it’ll start to peel after about 3 hours. Unless you like patchy red lips, it is in your best interest to carry the lippy with you throughout your day for touch-ups! This product isn’t transfer-proof either, so I definitely wouldn’t recommend kissing while wearing.
  3. Ecco Bella FlowerColor REDvelation ($21.95): This is much more toned down than any other red I’ve tried. It’s a little sheer and very natural, so it’s perfect if you’re wanting just a touch of color. I’d say this is the perfect color for the office! This product also applies just like a lip balm, so feel free to leave your chapsticks at home! Ecco Bella uses all-natural ingredients, too, making their products one of the few brands that consider every individual when creating their products. Everything they offer is natural, gluten-free, and made with us in mind.
  4. Ecco Bella Good for You Gloss Power ($21.95): As great as the formula is, this may be my least favorite of the bunch, to be completely honest. Though this gloss is “red”, your skin tone makes a huge difference in how this color shows up on you. I love a good true red, but this shows up on me like a hot pink gloss for my fairer pasty half of the year. Now that I’m more tan, it shows up just red enough for me to wear to brunch or coffee! I’d leave this at home anytime after 2 pm.
  5. Fenty Poutsicle Hot-Blooded ($20): SO moisturizing. The color shows up beautifully after one swipe. It looks hot pink until you apply it onto your lips. Trust! The slanted cylindrical shape of the product makes it a little difficult for me to apply though. I don’t know if it’s the shape of my lips or my inability to color in the lines of my own body, but I can never apply it like Rihanna did in her promo video for this collection – like a freaking boss. If you can stay within your own lip line, this is a great lipstick.
  6. Fenty Stunna Uncensored ($24): HANDS DOWN favorite liquid lip color. Applying a lip liner first will make it easier for you to stay in the lines, but I’ve done fine without it. This product will dry quickly if you only apply one coat, which is all you need. It’s a watery and thin formula that’s incredibly pigmented, so it’ll be budge-proof and last you the entire day. This is a cool-toned red that literally looks amazing on all skin colors. Plus, your teeth look whiter! Be sure to use a makeup wipe to remove it unless you want to wake up with it…
  7. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Cruella ($27): This product is similar to coloring with crayons when you were younger. It’s a smooth and pigmented formula that applies matte. Cruella is more of a wine red type of color – super sexy! The tip makes it so easy to draw and color in your lips, which I love. This product can become patchy after a few hours, but isn’t a pain to touch up whatsover. Although expensive, this product is a great investment if you want to own only one red lipstick.
  8. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Mysterious Red ($27): The only difference between this product and the above is the color. The rest of my thoughts stay the same! This color is brighter and a more cool-toned red. I’d wear this more throughout the summer and switch to Cruella in the winter to live out my mild Morticia Addams style inspo!

So my absolute favorites are Fenty’s Uncensored and the NARS Velvet Mattes. I know these are a bit more expensive, but I think they’ve gotten their formulas and application processes down for those who know how to apply makeup and those who try (like myself). Let me know if you have any red faves I need to grab next and be sure to watch my video to see exactly how these colors look on me. Thanks!

With love,


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