My Perfect Valentine’s Day

Popcorn, glasses of wine, and a Gossip Girl marathon would be my perfect Valentine’s Day! I’ve never been someone who wanted a big show on February 14th even though my boyfriend would love to treat me out. But honestly, he’s someone who believes that there shouldn’t be one set date to lavish your significant other and I completely agree. What do y’all think- one perfect Valentine’s Day, or mini-celebrations and a chill V-day on the sofa?!

Though we’re normally together on this annual chocolate-filled holiday, it’ll be slightly different this year. Take him out of the equation…and no, we aren’t breaking up! Instead, I’ll be dancing and road-tripping with some of my closest gal pals to ring in the year’s Valentine’s!! Seriously cannot wait.

To share my excitement, here are a few things I found that will be perfect for Valentine’s, Galentine’s, and everyday happenings! As much as we want to bring parties to life on an everyday basis, it just can’t happen. Let’s be real, haha!

  1. Galentine’s Banner: Every fun party obviously can’t be completed without a freaking cute event-appropriate banner. I found this one at Target for $3 in the Bullseye Playground! The paper hearts are made of pretty strong paper, so it’ll absolutely be recyclable for future parties! Who said we had to even wait for Galentine’s?! Heck, I’d use it for any gal pal get-together!Susan GDAy Banner
  2. I created this little gift basket for my absolute favorite people who need to chill out from all the work stress just a bit. In here, there are knick-knacks that can help them feel rejuvenated, refreshed, moisturized, and beautiful! Obviously, you can put whatever you want in this basket. I just thought it’d be fun to share a gift idea that can cater to every type of person! Here’s what I have in mine:
    • Clinique Happy Gelato Cream ($35): There’s really nothing to say about this except that it makes me soft and smell good. That is all. I linked the product to the ULTA site because of all the points you can accumulate from shopping at ULTA. It’s worth it in the end!
    • BagsThacker PomPom Pouch ($78): This specific one is discontinued, but I’m liking one that I think is super cute and PINK. BLUSH Pink. I’d love to have it….*wink wink* haha! If the price is throwing you off like it usually does for me, remember that silver dress in this post? It’s the same brand. Which means the quality is impeccable. Don’t let the numbers throw you off when you want to splurge from Thacker.
      • Francesca’s Rose Gold Clutch: I loved this the first time I laid eyes on it because of its iridescent rose gold/ copper color. I just thought it looked cool. Once I picked it up, I knew it had to be mine. Dramatic, right? This clutch is durable and versatile since it includes a shoulder chain that you can detach when you want to hold the bag as a clutch! It’s also a thick bag, so it won’t rip easily (if you’re a tad bit clutzy like me). Since mine is also out of stock online, I’m going to link similar clutches.
    • Target Notebook ($3): The reason I’m not linking this notebook is because Target’s Bullesye Playground ALWAYS has notebooks. Plus, they are ALL cute… hah you cannot go wrong at the Target Dollar section.
    • A Candle: This candle was a gift (along with the Clinique Body Cream), but any good smelling candle should do. We all love our space ot smell good, haha!
    • Fragrance Body Spray: I should have checked whether or not Bath and Body Works still carried this scent (they don’t). So so sorry. BUT there is a lovely scent with beautiful packaging fit for your girls called, Mad About You! It’s $14 and yummy!
    • Fenty Stunna Lip Paint (most recent obsession): The PERFECT longlasting red for any classy and sexy lady. Read more in my Fenty Review if you need more convincing!
    • Cute Jewelry Box: This is pretty much the best accessory you can give your dresser. No other explanation.

Susans GDAy Gifts

3. Company. Who you surround yourself with would be the deciding factor in how much fun you have. Who would’ve thunk?! Your best gal pals will be the ones you can sit around and chat for hours, even days, about everything with. Make sure your company and wine are great!

Let me know if there are any other Galentine’s/Valentine’s traditions you do or ideas you have for a perfect night! I’d LOVE to hear them. Hope I was able to inspire some of you for your upcoming special night. See you next Friyay!

With Love,



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