Feature Friday: Hey, Wendy Vanessa! 

After writing my last post about Violet, and a long talk with my boyfriend about my own dreams, I realized there were more people in my life who I admired than I thought. This week’s Feature Friday stars a local Houston blogger: Wendy Vanessa!

What a beaut, isn’t she?! Wendy is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and Jesus-lover with a huge heart. She is also the one who sparked the desire to blog in me. I toyed with the idea before, and mentioned it to a mutual friend of ours who then introduced me to wendyvanessa.com. BAM!  It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to start blogging. Wendy’s blog consists mostly of her fashion and style, which you can find on the Wear tab. If there’s ever a time you aren’t sure what to wear, look there! I do. Looking for new makeup inspiration or skin care tips? Find that on her Allure tab! Wendy’s even recently visited Puerto Rico! What a life! Stalk her traveling here.

Gosh, this chick amazing. She’s someone everyone needs to know. Wendy’s helped me so much with my blog, and life. To emphasize how big of a heart she has, Wendy took about two hours out of her night to help me figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Two hours might not seem like a lot, but when you’re a student writing papers with a  full-time internship, running a blog, and nearing graduation, you can do SO MANY things with two hours. She never made me feel pathetic, incompetent, or a waste of time. Wendy’s still one of the main reasons I plan on blogging for a very long time. I enjoy sharing my moments, struggles, and discoveries through writing all the while reading about what others are experiencing in their lives. 

Anyway, if any of y’all lovely people are looking for a fresh blog to read or style inspiration, Wendy Vanessa is your go-to. Check out what she’s all about and why I love her at wendyvanessa.com



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